This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things; Nintendo Terminates Swapnote… Forever

The 3DS is a cool handheld.  Don’t get me wrong.  But by far my two favorite features of the entire console (yes the whole thing) were the Streetpass games and Swapnote.  Turns out Nintendo just abruptly dropped the ax on the application, a cool little tool for sending your friends drawings, sounds, and photos over the internet (and also the home for adorable Nintendo character Nikki).

So why do we not get this anymore?  According to Nintendo, too many people, including many minors, were abusing Swapnote, sending lewd messages and offensive photos.  Hell, I don’t even understand if “too many” people were doing it, all that matters is that the best way to combat this is simply for Nintendo to cancel the service.  So literally whoever was doing naughty stuff with it ruined it for everyone.

Thanks guys.

Many have consistently speculated that Nintendo just wasn’t ready for the internet age, and this certainly proves it.  No word on whether or not this will extend to the currently planned Flipnote 3D or Miiverse features.  It was certainly fun while it lasted, but now the ride is over for those of us who were actually sharing fun and mostly inoffensive notes.

And now Nikki doesn’t have a place to live anymore.

You monsters.

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