Xbox 360 GTA V Owners Advised to not Install the ‘Play’ Disc


If you still actually have any hard drive space left on your Xbox 360 at this point in the generation (I know I sure don’t), it’s probably not a good idea to blow it on installing both the GTA V discs when you get your grubby hands on the game tomorrow. It comes with an ‘install’ and a ‘play disc’ – just follow the obvious rules and you’ll be fine, but be a rebel and install the ‘play’ disc and you could face some performance issues.

This info comes at the assistance of some lucky bastards who’ve got the game early, and checked for clarification with Rockstar’s support Twitter.

rockstar tweets

We don’t know if installing the ‘play’ disc will drop the framerate or instantly detonate your Xbox, but either way if you’re a PS3 owner you can feel pretty smug right now: your version comes with a single disc, and no kerfuffle.

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