Vin Diesel Responsible For Third Riddick Game

You don't get arms that big without taking a shot to the neck

You don’t get arms that big without taking a shot to the neck

In a recent interview over at ScreenCrush, the man himself got to talk about the upcoming third chapter in the sci-fi trilogy, as well as his personal involvement in getting the original licensed game development team back together for one more hoorah by way of another Riddick game, of which Vin owns the rights to. He even briefly mentioned a Riddick game for the iOS that is apparently on its way. The man stays busy.

Escape From Butcher Bay originally came out for the original Xbox and was very well received, both commercially and critically. The movies haven’t exactly caught up to the potential the game laid out, which is kind of surprising as not many licensed games have been able to outdo their cinematic counterparts. I personally really enjoyed the first Riddick game, so to see the original team behind it with the man who’s passion for lifting weights and playing good old video games is very much real is pretty exciting to me. Is there anything this man can’t do?

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