TGS – acttil Announces New Game from Elemental Labs: Reborn, a Cyber-Punk Action RPG

Yami and I went to an event hosted by new publishing company acttil to check out their latest title in partner with Elemental Labs. The game is titled Reborn, and is a cyber-punk action RPG where you play as famed samurai Musashi in an excitingly realized, future world.

While there, we were treated to details on the project including the fact that it is a next-gen title currently licensed by Sony. Reborn will feature gameplay that caters towards your personal style and adapting to it. So whether you’re aggressive, stealthy, or any combination in between, the game will not only allow you to play that way, but challenge your personal styles. Additionally, the game is modeled to give off the intensity of an action title, with both unarmed and armed combat, but RPG skill trees and weapon customizations will give RPG fans control over customization.

Taking place in a re-imagined cyber-punk Japan, the lore of Musashi, legendary samurai now cyborg, will be explored through the lens of the futuristic genre and its themes of humanity and AI.

The Kickstarter will be launching next week so keep your eyes peeled on this promising project. Until then, here are some concept work of the project.

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