Deep Down TGS Trailer Goes Back to the Future

Typical Hollywood depiction of 2094.

Typical Hollywood depiction of 2094.

Capcom’s Yoshinoro Ono took the stage at Sony’s pre-TGS conference to reveal a new trailer for Deep Down, an upcoming exclusive PS4 title.  This online multiplayer RPG with feature procedurally generated maps, enemies, and equipment.  This will change your experience each time you play .

The game is set in New York in 2094, despite it’s oddly medieval look; though there are plenty of futuristic screens, bleeps, and bloops happening in the trailer as well.  Ono mentions that you will be able to access the “memories of items,” not sure what that means but it sure sounds cool.  Plus, don’t forget, dragons.  Future dragons.


Deep Down will be playable at TGS this year, go bug Yami and Matthew to play it while they’re there so we can all hear about it!

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