TGS – Dark Souls 2 Release Date And ‘Black Armor Edition’ Announced

Love Dark Souls? Love to bandwagon-jump? Not getting a next-gen console yet? If you ticked ‘yes’ for at least two of the above, rejoice: the Dark Souls 2 release date has been confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3 at Namco Bandai’s conference at the Tokyo Game Show. For the North Americans of this world it’ll be March 11th, and March 14th for Europe. No such verification has been given for a release date of the PC version, but there has been a promise at least that this is due to giving it proper time to make a proper port – anyone who tried playing the first Dark Souls on PC will be glad they’re giving this a decent attempt.

A collector’s edition named the ‘Black Armor Edition’, has also been revealed for the fiscally flamboyant of you out there, featuring the usual fare of art book and soundtrack and map, plus a 12” figurine of the Warrior Knight. No price for this bundle as of yet.


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