Gamescom – Lots of Games Announced for Sony Consoles

Gamescom-2013-01Including the games we’ve already posted about (Minecraft, Borderlands 2 Vita, Murasaki Baby, Rime, Little Big Planet Hub), Sony has announced a long list of games exclusive to their myriad of consoles at Gamescom. In no particular order:

  • Resogun – PS4 (Housemarque)
  • Helldivers – PS4, PS3, PS Vita (Arrowhead Studios)
  • Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture – PS4 (The Chinese Room)
  • Hotline Miami 2 – PS4, PS Vita (Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games)
  • The Binding of Isaac Rebirth – PS4, PS Vita (Nicalis)
  • Wasteland Kings – PS4 (Vlambeer)
  • N++ – PS4 (Metanet)
  • Guns of Icarus Online – PS4 (Muse Games)
  • Shadow of the Beast – PS4
  • Fez – PS4, PS Vita (Polytron)


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