Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance To Voice Major Character In The Witcher 3


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Fans of the fantasy intrigue novel series and/or HBO smash hit show Game of Thrones now have a huge reason to check out  CD Projekt RED’s upcoming The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The Polish development team recently announced that Game of Thrones’ very own Charles Dance will be playing a major character in the game. He will be voicing Emperor Emhyr var Emreis of the invading Nilfgaard.

Dance already has experience playing a powerful leader

Dance already has experience playing a powerful leader

We’ve already written about how great we think The Witcher 3 looks and will be, but with the addition of an actor of Dance’s caliber it’s guaranteed to be of high quality. His portrayal of Tywin Lannister added shades of grey and a humanity to a character that was shown as pretty “villainous” in the novels. He turned Tywin from a character you hated, to one that you had to admire at least a little for his intelligence and single-minded devotion to keeping his family in a position of power. I can’t wait to see what shades of grey he brings to the table when he plays the Emperor. So far Nilfgaard has been shown as the antagonist, but maybe the addition of Dance will show a different side to the expansionist empire and its leader.

“Charles Dance is the perfect candidate to play the mighty Nilfgaardian emperor in our upcoming title. It’s a dream come true for the team here at RED to be able to work with such an accomplished actor and magnetic personality,” said Marcin Blacha, Lead Writer for the title.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt will release on PC and next-gen consoles in 2014.

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