SoulCalibur II HD Online Showcased in HD/SD Comparison Trailer

Comic-con happened this last week. Given that I’m not a huge comic fan, I didn’t pay the headlines too much attention so I’m especially glad this one caught my eye: Namco-Bandai announced SoulCalibur II HD Online at their comic con panel. SoulCalibur II HD Online will be released on both the 360 and PS3 and will feature online multiplayer (as the ‘online’ part of the title would suggest. The original SoulCalibur II cast returns, including the previously platform exclusive guest character Heihachi Mishima (Tekken).

The trailer above, released days after the announcement, displays the old SD characters and stages next to the updated HD ones. Next to the blurry SD images, the HD looks absolutely stunning. SoulCalibur II stands as the best SoulCalibur game in my opinion. I’m pretty hype for this HD remake, if only to let me play characters that weren’t included in SoulCalibur V without dusting off my Gamecube.

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