RTX – An Interview With Nekro’s Lead Programmer Scott Thunelius

Nekro is a hack and slash that places you in the role of the bad guy. You raise the undead and go about causing many happy heroes to have unhappy days. It was on display at RTX and was a bit out of place with the numerous games focused on competition. That’s partly why I had to run over and check it out.

I’ve always loved games that look at how the other half lives. The games where bad guys are the story and not just the end result. They are intriguing in that they represent something different from the standard formula. This idea is what fuels the design behind Nekro and you can see this in how passionate Scott Thunelius is in the interview. Watch it and enjoy as we talk indie gaming, how nobody remembers Bungie before Halo and of course his game in question, Nekro.

You can find out more about Nekro on Steam Greenlight.


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