Nintendo Lost Their Minds: Shoryuken Not Allowed to Stream Smash


So we already knew Nintendo was picking up random internet beef with Let’s Players, but apparently it stretches even farther into not allowing the popular FGC site, Shoryuken, stream Super Smash Bros. from EVO. How did I find out about this? A large string of tweets on my timeline saying how outraged people are at Nintendo. They reason that by Nintendo doing this, they’re effectively ceasing hype for the next Smash. It’s a pretty good point; playing games on a stream is a good advertisement for them. It seems like an effortless form of it, in fact. All Nintendo has to do is suck it up and let people have some fun with their games. (Isn’t the point that the fans are loving the game?) We can only assume that this will mean no streaming from EVO of Smash, at all.

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