New Adventure Time Game Trailer, Continues Tradition of Long Titles, Skips Vita

If you think we forgot about the new Adventure Time game…you’re sorta right but that’s not the big issue here. The big issue here is that there is a new Adventure Time game titled Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don’t Know! For those of you who remember its predecessor (reviewed and enjoyed here) the newest game continues to have overtly long titles.

Additionally, while the first game was a clearly Zelda II inspired game, the second is now a dungeon crawler because I don’t know.

The game will launch for PS3’s, 360’s, Wii U’s, and 3DS’s but not for the PS Vita as Namco Bandai declared in its Youtube comments section:

Who has a PS Vita by the way? Oh wait I DON’T KNOW!

A comment, I found hilarious, but the internet apparently begs to differ.

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