Just How HD is Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD? This Comparison Video Gives Us An Idea

We’ve been patiently awaiting Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for some time now. All the while, Square Enix has kept our appatites satiated with periodic releases of pictures, showcasing that HD we’re so eager to see. And while we don’t have the full game quite yet, Square Enix has uploaded a split screen comparison trailer, showing us just what we want to see. The video shows an early cinematic from Final Fantasy X. Standard Definition is in the left and High Definition on the right.

I wasn’t impressed by the video until the pan over the entire group. Watching character models slip from SD to HD drove home the difference between the two. And the close ups on Yuna and Tidus’s faces? Man. The crisper colors and higher amounts of detail really make this HD rerelease look promising.


If you’re impressed enough to consider preordering, Square Enix is sweetening the pot. Preorders now get a free upgrade to the Limited Edition, featuring an art book and a commentary track with the X/X-2 Development Teams. The release date is a vague ‘sometime in 2013’ for both PS3 and Vita, so keep your eyes peeled for that release date announcement.

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