Murdered: Soul Suspect Kills You Then Makes You Work It Out

So tell me if you heard this before: You’re killed but an unknown assailant but unable to pass into the afterlife you begin working to solve your own murder. Not being able to communicate with the living you use alternative methods to communicate with the living in an effort to solve your murder.

If you’re thinking Capcom’s amazing DS title Ghost Trick, then you’re wrong. If you’re asking “What’s that?” get out and play it.

No, this is Squre-Enix’s latest game Murdered: Soul Suspect. You play shady detective Ronan O’Connor who just became the latest murder statistic. However his murder weighs heavily on his stopped heart and his spirit is trapped in Limbo until he can solve his own murder. Using ghost powers such as mind reading and powers over thoughts and actions; he must travel around Salem Massachusetts, interrogating other spirits, gathering clues, until he can finally rest in peace.

The game is slated for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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