E3 – The Walking Dead: 400 Days, 5 Stories, 1 New Trailer

The Walking Dead: 400 Days was officially announced at yesterday’s Sony press conference, but we weren’t given much in the way of details aside from an impending Vita release.  Today those details are coming in full force, along with a new trailer and some screenshots. 400 Days will tell the story of five previously unconnected individuals as they cope with and survive the world in the first 400 days following the zombie apocalypse. The five stories are playable in any order and promise to offer the same moral conflict and tough decisions that previous installments of The Walking Dead have put us through.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be available this summer for $4.99 (or platform equivalent) on the 360 Marketplace, Playstation Network, PC, Mac, iOS and will be included with the Season 1 release of The Walking Dead for Vita owners.

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