E3 – New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Keeps the Fantasy Train Rolling

So humor me when I say this: I’ve always wanted an MMORPG to sink hours of my life into.

Sadly I never had the attention span for it, but if my recent numbers showing hundreds of hours I spent on both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls (and I’m going to just put in Dark Souls II in there for good measure preemptively) then my proclivity towards long, character building has changed. Will Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn be the one to sink its hooks into me?

Main things keeping me away from large MMORPGs is that my laptop is too weak to handle most of the better looking ones that get my interest, but with Final Fantasy XIV being available for PC, PS3, and now PS4, well the long search might be over.

Those of you might remember that this is a reboot of plain old regular FFXIV which failed hard once it landed. Incomplete, messy, not fun are all terrible things for a game (especially an MMO where an exciting world to explore is sorta, kinda, important) to be. All signs and slew of cinematic trailers point to good things for the reborn realm however.


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