Wolfenstein: The New Order Announced, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash Probably Not Involved

Announced earlier today, Bethesda is bringing us a new reason to walk another mile in B.J. Blazcowikz’s blood-soaked boots — Wolfenstein: The New Order. Set in alternate 1960’s where the Germans have won, there’s sure to be no shortage of Nazi blood to be shed. Wolfenstein has always been a personal favorite franchise of mine and I’m thrilled it’s coming back. Wolfenstein 3D is an undisputed classic. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was at the time one of, if not the, best shooters for both single and multiplayer. Even Raven’s current-gen reboot managed to be a fun, albeit unremarkable, supernatural shooter. Seeing as we’re already being shown war robots in this announcement trailer, surely the Nazi War Machine will be getting even crazier. Until release, I’ll be constantly be wondering about/hoping for the return of Mecha Hitler.

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