Splinter Cell: Blacklist Co-op Trailer Just Went to the Top of My Blacklist


2010’s Splinter Cell: Conviction was easily one of my favorite games of that year. Not only did it have a great story that showcased Sam Fisher’s new array of badass stealth mechanics, but it had one of the best co-op campaigns I had ever played. With Splinter Cell: Blacklist coming out this year, there’s even more to get excited about. Especially the return of the co-op story.

The trailer above shows some intense and very fun segments dealing with sneaking in a guarded facility, sabotaging some warheards, and leaving unnoticed, you know, typical Splinter Cell stuff. One of the things I loved most from the last entry in the Tom Clancy epic was how you and your teammate could choose to go about the mission and take out who and what you wanted and you felt like a ninja in the process. Blacklist looks to give us more of what we love, but give us more reasons to keep coming back.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist comes out August 20th for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC

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