Thunder Wolves Trailer Reminds Us That Explosions = Good

Explosions: Just what sunsets needed all along.

Explosions: Just what sunsets needed all along.

From bitComposer Games comes a new old-school helicopter arcade bullet-hell blaster. This seems to be something in the vein of the Strike series, which is essentially helicopter action and explosions. Rewire that with a shot of speed and fully-destructible environments for the new generation and you’ve got Thunder Wolves.

Judging from the trailer below, it looks like there will be no shortage of choppers or ‘splosions. That is essentially what America thrives on, after all. Personally, you can count me in for any game with fun, furious, and fiery action, where I really hope Thunder Wolves will deliver.

Based on the official page, there will be 13 missions spanning across 4 regions of the earth, 9 different vehicles to wreak havoc with, a vast arsenal of weapons, spectacular boss battles, and a whole lot of lead. You can look forward to Thunder Wolves arriving sometime within the next few months to the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC.


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