[email protected] Shiny Festa Out in English for iOS, Will Cost Arm and Leg

THE IDOLM@STER - 19 - Large 09

So awhile back Siliconera discovered a new trademark for a US version of the rhythm game [email protected]  Shiny Festa.

It turns out now that those trademarks were correct but instead of the original PSP versions of the game, we will be getting them localized for iOS devices (4/S, 5, iPad). That’s not even the kicker! All three games are priced at $54.99 separately, and that’s not even including the DLC that seems to be planned.

So if you want all three games it will set you back a fun $165 (about).

The popular idol-based game involving a company of cute characters has been requested by anime fans and I suppose their wishes have been answered…just not super fun. Sort of like a monkey’s paw thing I guess.

Individual games include:

[email protected] Melodic Disc

[email protected] Harmonic Score

[email protected] Rhythmic Score


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