[News] Age of Empires II HD will be launching on Steam this April

Age_of_Empires_II_-_The_Age_of_Kings_Coverart (1)

Age of Empires II, a much-beloved RTS strategy fans may remember from their high school days, is being re-released as Age of Empires II HD April 9th. This new version includes both the original game as well as the Conquerors expansion, and introduces small graphical updates such as better textures for terrain and support for 1080p displays. An even more significant change is that it will be released on Steam, with all the good stuff that comes with it: matchmaking support, achievements, and leaderboards.

Players will be able to pre-order right now for a 10% discount, as well as the privilege to play a bit earlier (April 5th as opposed to April 9th, the release date). Hop unto Steam to pre-order a modernized classic.

Below is the announcement trailer:


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