[Let’s Play] Mass Effect Trilogy Feros Roundup!

Welcome back!  In this THRILLING update for Let’s Play Mass Effect Trilogy, I have finished up Feros and most of the sidequests available prior!  I’m moving right along in Mass Effect 1 and am honestly VERY excited to start Mass Effect 2 and 3 on Insanity.  So far, I’ve completed Artemis Tau, Noveria, Pinnacle Station, and Feros.  Coming soon is Virmire, which brings some serious, lasting consequences with it throughout the rest of the series.  Mass Effect is a sci-fi RPG developed by Bioware that heavily incorporates player choice.  Expect to see this series last for quite awhile as I’m doing the entire trilogy!  Above is just a taste of what’s already released, but here’s the playlist to far.  Head over to YouTube to comment, subscribe, and check out our other content!

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