[News] Happy Valentine’s From SHODAN — System Shock 2 Coming to GOG

Ever since GOG launched about five years ago, one of the most hotly anticipated games that subscribers have been waiting for is Irrational Games’ seminal masterpiece System Shock 2. Well, the wait is almost over because it is being released tomorrow at about 6 AM EST.

If you’ve ever played Bioshock (and who hasn’t, really) then you’ll have a sense of what you’re in for here. Instead of an underwater city, you are navigating a large spaceship in the aftermath of a disaster leaving many dead…and many far worse off. The influence of System Shock 2 cannot be overstated beyond their adventures in Rapture and (soon to be) Columbia. Games like Dead Space and even Portal owe a debt in some form to this game, and it will be exciting to see it reintroduced to an audience that largely missed it the first time around.

Talk about an amazing Valentine’s Day present from GOG. You can go here to watch the countdown.

Source: PC Gamer

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