[News] Hurt An Opponent With Victor’s Butt March 12th

So Darkstalkers Resurrection is coming. March 12th in fact. That seems like as good of a day as any to fight with the undead. For those who haven’t been keeping up. Darkstalkers Resurrection is Darkstalkers 3 and Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge emulated, cleaned up and offering online play similar to Street Fighter 3: Online and Marvel Super Heroes Origins. For those not up to date on the numbering in the franchise, Night Warriors is the 2nd Darkstalkers title and Darkstalkers 3 is the pinnacle of the franchise.

It will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Networks at a paltry $15.  There is no announcement about a WiiU port, so you’ll just have to hope and pray (or petition Capcom) that one day it’ll come. Maybe the sales of this will bolster support from Capcom for a new Darkstalkers game, but we’ll see what happens when it does.  Either way, this is looking to be another great addition to any fight fan’s digital collection.

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