[News] Dan Kim brings Award-winning Graphic Novel NNN to Hardcover via Kickstarter

I’d really like to explain to you what NNN is about but I myself have no idea. However it’s described as following in the labyrinth style of Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves and Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland in a beautiful hardcover package, it’s hard not to take interest.

‘NNN’ is a hybrid graphic-novel in the tradition of House of Leaves with additional inspiration drawn from Alice in Wonderland, combining comic, puzzle and novel elements into a single bold work. The author, Canadian cartoonist Dan Kim, has 13 years of experience in the form and is the winner of two Joe Shuster Awards (2007) and now – with ‘NNN’ – a bronze International Manga Award.


The Kickstarter ends March 7th and with tier’d rewards including custom artwork as well as the full comic for as little as $1 (Digital PDF version) I strongly suggest at least checking it out over at the Kickstarter page. I myself backed the project which I guess means it has my seal of approval however much worth that carries.

Actually I was able to sit down with Dan last weekend for an interview so be sure to check that out by the end of the week. I’m sure it’ll give you a better insight into the project.

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