[News] Go Home and Be a Mega Man: Street Fighter x Mega Man Out Now!

In case all of you fans of the blue bomber and/or the World Warriors haven’t heard, the day has finally arrived: Street Fighter X Mega Man is at last available for (free!) download at Capcom Unity, though, at least for the moment, it is only playable on PC. It’s a fairly hefty download (about 34 mb), so be prepared to wait just a little longer if your internet connection is slow.

I have to  say that, from my short experience with the game so far, it does both franchises proud. It feels perfectly like an official adventure for the blue bomber, yet the themes and personalities of the Street Fighter crew are well-integrated. Add in an astounding 8-bit soundtrack by Chip-Hop artist and Street Fighter A_Rival, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic release!

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