[News] Get A Head Start On the Apocalypse: The War Z Now On Steam

As 2012 winds down and the world of gaming settles into the impending apocalypse, what better time than now to prepare by playing a zombie simulator!

Hammerpoint Interactive’s open-world zombie MMO, The War Z, has been released today on Steam. The store page is offering three tiers for purchase: $13.49 for the base game, $22.49 for the game and 2100 gold credits (currency for learning skills), and $44.99 for the game plus 7500 credits.

In a callback to classic 90s movies Dante’s Peak/Volcano or Deep Impact/Armageddon, The War Z has hit the marketplace before Bohemia Interactive managed to make DayZ, their legendary ArmA II mod, a standalone release. Whether this early release translates into big sales remains to be seen. If you’re on the fence, hit the jump to watch the trailer.

Thanks to PC Gamer for the heads-up.


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