[News] Tokitowa Gets More Gameplay and Screens! Mysterious Blue Thing Appears!

Seriously what is that? I don’t understand what the blue thing is but it both confuses and scares me. Women don’t have blue things! NOT EVEN ANIME WOMEN!!!!

*Ahem* Anyways, another trailer for Imageepoch’s 2D/3D hybrid RPG for the PS3, Tokitowa, has been released today. Initially, when I saw the first the gameplay trailer my reaction was tepid. There was just something off about the combat that made the character seem like she was hitting an empty space in front of the enemy rather than the enemy itself.

With this second trailer however some of my fears have been appeased. Either I’ve gotten used to the dissonance caused by the unique art design or the exploration of space as presented in the new trailer proved to me this concept can actually work.

With rumors pointing strongly at an English release you better believe I’ll be picking this up.

Hit the jump for the gameplay trailer~


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