[News] The World Ends With iOS, iPhone Version of TWEWY Confirmed

“Confirmed” is such a…definite word. What can actually be “confirmed” these days?

Well I’ll tell you.

An iOS version of The World Ends With You is confirmed to be a thing that exists. A recent product page on Square-Enix’s store website listed a physical CD for an arranged album titled The World Ends With You Crossover. It is set to release October 1st for 1,890 Yen. This album will have remixed tracks of Kingdom Hearts 3D as well as remixes of classic TWEWY tracks.

Now on its own it probably wouldn’t create the conclusion of an iOS title. However, the description (quickly taken down) mentions that the iOS version of the game (TWEWY) will feature the newly mixed music.

So we know for sure that there’s an iOS version of the game. That has been confirmed. The teaser site countdown which has been showing off the new music is now definitely related to this iOS version of the game. As of yet though, that this is all the website is teasing isn’t confirmed. Who knows? Is the iOS port the only thing up Square-Enix’ sleeve? We’ll all have to wait until the weekend for the truth but as of now we’re left with the cold singular truth that if we get anything TWEWY related, it’s an iOS version of the game.

What a wonderful world indeed.

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