[News] A Kickstarter For Want To Be Games Journalists Has Arisen


Nathan Meunier, freelance games journalists for over 25 games magazines, has started a Kickstarter to fund his new book, Up Up Down Down Left Write: The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism. It’s looking promising with 32 days to go and already reaching $400 out of its $7,000 goal. Personally I’m very open to advice from people who have done amazing things, whether I even want to do them myself or not. The number one advice for wanting to be a games journalist (or anything) should probably be: listen to advice. Here you’ll have a whole book filled with it, even on stuff you may not have thought to ask about (There’s a chapter called “Navigating Tax Hell”). If you’re really serious, don’t stop here, but definitely help fund something that’s able to help you and others like you. The first tier to fund and receive a digital copy of the book is $15, with many more that add to the whole package. Plus that cover looks bitchin’.

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