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[Charity] Our 24 Hour ‘Gaming and Giving for Good’ Event Begins 11 am EST!


[Charity] Our 24 Hour ‘Gaming and Giving for Good’ Event Begins 11 am EST!


Hello folks! The day has finally come, and our 24 hour long stream is upon us. It’ll be right on our channel, and I hope you’ll come and donate, and support all of our streamers. I (Brett) will be starting out at 11 am with my Soul Level 1 run of Demon’s Souls!

In case you missed it, here is the link with every detail about our event you could learn. This includes our stream schedule, everything we’ll be giving away, and quick links to donate to each of our excellent streamers. You’re too lazy to click? Well the least you could do is donate to any of the following links: (Hit the jump from the front page)

Support Christopher Hadlock

Support Yamilia Avendaño

Support Mike Eaton

Support Brett McLeod

Support Trey Highland


We hope you’ll join us in our very first G3 event, and help support children’s hospitals from all over the place. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you soon!

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