[News] Kickstarter Project for OC ReMix Final Fantasy VI Collection Cancelled

Love or hate Kickstarter, it’s a part of our lives now. But one recent project that steamrolled past its goal and already had several updates posted appears to have been cancelled: OverClocked ReMix’ Final Fantasy VI collection.

The collection, as with all others produced by OC ReMix, would have been free to download for all, but a physical four-disc set was being pressed as one of the rewards. Current speculation on the OC ReMix forums is that a copyright concern is to blame, but webmaster David Lloyd (better known to most in the community as djpretzel) has said that he is working to find out the entire story.

Let’s hope that this is resolved soon, because we stand to lose several hours of brilliant remixes from that collective if it isn’t.

If you want to catch up on what we’d miss, watch OC ReMix’  Kickstarter pitch video below.




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