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[News] Atlus is Having a PSN Sale


[News] Atlus is Having a PSN Sale

Let’s get something straight.  If for some reason you don’t find this sale to be worth your cup of tea, I need to set you straight.  Right now on PSN you can get all of the excellent STING PSP games for under $20.  All of them, and they are oh so good.  I personally prefer the amazingly underrated SRPG Yggdra Union, but Riviera the Promised Land with it’s dating-sim/visual novel/JRPG mechanics is also well worth a buy.

Still not satisfied (which is weird by the way)?  Well how about Game of the Year contender Catherine for $20.  I mean here we are talking about one of the best tower climbing games in recent memory, for only an Andrew Jackson.

ARE YOU STILL NOT SATISFIED? You sir or madam must live an amazing life as I can’t believe that.  How is Persona and Persona 3 for only $10 a piece. Some of the most brilliant JRPGs in the business, for such a low price.  It’s amazing!

Stop by your local electronics retailer and pick up some PSN cards, because this is the sale of the summer!  You know, since Steam took a break this year.

The full list of savings are below.


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