[News] Victor Cortis, formerly of 38 Studios, claims $8 million in tax credits are unpaid.

As if matters for 38 Studios couldn’t get worse, even more happenings are on the stormfront. In a forum post on the Polycount Forum from user vcortis, better known as Victor Cortis who worked as an Environment Artist at 38 Studios.  He spoke out against the Rhode Island government, claiming that there was an extremely large sum of tax credits that were unpaid to the company.

The million dollar + payment that went to Rhode Island was in assurance we would receive the tax credits of 8 million. We even had buyers lined up for the credits and the government was sitting there telling us “You give us the million, we give you the tax credits.”

We gave them the million. They did not give us the tax credits, which would’ve not only payed the employees, but saved the studio most likely as we had several publishing deals in the works. The government flat out lied to us (big surprise)


Here is Victor Cortis’s Resume for further proof.

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