[News] The Walking Dead’s Debut Trailer Wants Your Attention (and Brains)


This week, Telltale Games released the debut trailer for their forthcoming episodic title, The Walking Dead.

Based on the comics, rather than the TV show, the five part adventure focuses on the survival of Lee Everett, a fugitive con, and his redemption through the eyes of an orphaned girl, Clementine.  Key characters from the comics appear, like Glenn and Hershel; along with a new group of survivors having to cope with those infamous moments of suffering and un-dead chow.

In a time when most gamers are seeing zombie fatigue, it’s refreshing to find The Walking Dead is placing an emphasis on puzzle solving, character interactions and decision making, with certain variables carrying over to the next episode.

In addition to the announcement, Telltale Games are also offering a 10% off pre-order incentive (PC and Mac), and a chance to be a zombie in one of the later episodes.  The game will be released April 2012 on PC, Mac, Live, PSN and Wii.

SOURCE [Telltale Games]

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