[Preview] Hands On With The Vita, Gameplay Footage, And Sony’s Pizza

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On Tuesday, JDGuma and I had the chance to attend Sony’s PS Vita community meetup at Vita Hill Club in Miami. We sat down and played some games, ate some pizza, and pretended we were bourgeoisie in the very fancy venue. It was great. We had some gripes despite thinking it was a solid handheld so be sure to watch our impressions video. We also took the time to review the event itself. Personally I thought it was an awesome effort from Sony to get fans awaiting the system to try it out and salivate some more, while possibly convincing nonbelievers to purchase it. If one is happening near you, check it out, it may surprise you. After the jump you’ll find the individual game demo footage we shot of Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, and Reality Fighters.

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